Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday! - Omaha Professional Photographer

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

  • When emailing a client back this week with available dates for a session I inadvertently told her my available dates for 2012.  ... it was quite embarrassing to have to email her back and explain that I had jumped an entire year ahead in my calendar. Whoops!
  • Watching a movie with Becca and Steve and JUMPING off the couch because I was so startled.  They laughed at me.  ... it's cool, though.  I {lOvE} the sound of their laughter AND in all honesty, it was pretty darn funny....almost as funny as when Becca and I hid from Steve in the garage behind the Pilot and waited for him to round the car to JUMP UP AT HIM YELLING. ....we SO spooked him.  It was {awesome}! :D  Who's laughing now? ;)
  • Emailing Lela's teacher explaining that she has a Thursday appt. and realizing that I had switched the weeks.  What IS it with me and dates this week?!?
  • Lela's owl lunchbox pictured in the photo up there.  Every time I look at that lunchbox that owl's big ol' eyes bring a smile to my face.
  • Becca is officially a sOpHmOre!!  Friday was her first official day back.  This year, she is featured in the school's calendar for the month of August with some of her friends from homeroom last year!
  • Becca getting a Justin Bieber folder and decorating it with all kinds of mushy things and writing Maddie's name and homeroom on the inside of it.  (Maddie is not a fan of JB)  Becca then talked another girl into handing the folder to Madeline explaining that she had found it on the floor near her desk.  Apparently, Maddie's face was must have been a smidgen {awkward} for her.  I just wish I would've been there to see it!  I love harmless *funny* practical jokes.
  • Lela actually *asking* me to take back to school portraits of her.  (I had to stop myself from shouting at her, "Where is my daughter and what have you done with her you alien impostor?!?!".) I think the above photo will be the one she hands out to her friends this year. 

What awkward or awesome thing has happened to you this week?  I'd love to hear about your adventures!  Remember to check out my {AwEsOmE} Photog friends' blogs to see what they have to share with you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday! - Omaha Professional Photographer

Awesome & Awkward Thursday!

  • Realizing last week that I title each of these posts Awkward & Awesome in the Title section and then in the text section type Awesome & Awkward.  I also post  it backwards on FB ....I guess I must be a glass half full kind of person at heart but geez!  *so embarrassing!*
  • The top photo- I had to get Becca's permission to share it here on the blog.  It's awkward for her and that is why it was put in this section..... but I have to say that for me it hits both the awesome AND awkward categories because she is the best big sister!  The photo is of Lela and Becca on Lela's first day of school this year.  Lela requested that Becca curl her hair and Becca happily obliged.  I love that they are so close. <3
  • The second photo.  It's a photo of Lela leaving school on her first day and walking to the car for the drive home.  She spotted me from far away and proceeded to weave in and out of people hiding from my lens.  She was like a cat!  I would move one way and she would dart the other!  As she got close and could no longer hide behind strangers she went with her last resort- covering her face.  She must have found it awkward that I was out with my camera trying to get her coming out of school. In my defense:  A) I maintain that I am *not* the only momma to do so.  B) You'd think she would be use to me taking advantage of every photo op.  It's important to document life!  You only walk out of third grade for the first time once!
  • My dad's new trike! ..and their Frog Togs--  Great rain suits for you bikers out there!
  • My parents came to visit to surprise Anna for her birthday. <3  It was a great surprise and a super fun visit!  We took advantage of the nice weather and went riding a couple of the days.
  • Watching my girls and Maddie along with the neighbor boys have a HUGE water fight.  It was epic ..... and better than reality t.v. :D
  • My husband surprised me and brought me home dinner last night. <3
  • Movies!  Every night this week around 9:00 Steve and I have put down our work/computer and watched a movie.  It's been awesome. :)
  • Today is book buying day at Marian.  After purchasing Becca's books and making sure everything was in the 15980763 lbs. bag we schlepped everything to Becca's new locker.  Above her locker was the recipe card you see pictured in the last photo.  What a great way to start the year and awesome advice.  I love that darn high school and so does Becca.  This is just one example of what sets Marian apart and why it is such a great experience for Becca.
Be sure to check out my awesome photographer friends' blogs to see what they have to share this week! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday! - Omaha Professional Photographer

Awesome & Awkward Thursday!

  • Not so awkward for me but I'm pretty sure it was for my brother-in-law, Ben.  Last night Ben and Anna and the kids came over for dinner to celebrate Anna's birthday.  Ben went to open a container of baby food -carrots to be exact-  when apparently there was a mishap and somehow orange mush went flying through the air and landed on our custom blinds in the kitchen.  He tried to deny it was the carrots.  We all knew better.  THEN he tried to tell us he had did us a favor. ...He might be onto something there.  I hate those dang things! - but shhhhhh!! don't tell him I said that ;)
  • Not seeing a spider web and putting my hand right through it. - EWWWW!  I absolutely detest that sticky web feeling on my skin.  Hopefully the spider was out hunting and nowhere near when I inadvertently destroyed his clever trap.  I hear they like to get revenge.....
  • Auto-correct on my droid. If you send a text about fairies and scream (berries and ice cream) then yeah, I think you have the right to question what the hell the makers of Android auto-correct or voice to text were thinking. It seems to me something went awry somewhere....
  • My sister's unhealthy fear of squirrels ; it's awkward AND hilarious!  She always thinks the sneaky little guys are after her when all they really want is for her to share her apples. (It's a case of Sciurophobia ;) )
  • It's my sister's BIRTHDAY WEEK!  Whoot! :D Happy Birthday, Anna!!  It was so awesome to get together and have dinner to celebrate Anna's birthday last night. <3  I always enjoy our time together.  Ben's not too bad himself. ;)  **I was going to use photos of our celebration last night but Anna pretty much put her foot down.  It had been a long day at the zoo and she had left her model face at home, MMMkkkk? Who can argue with a birthday girl??
  • Apple Carmel cupcakes!!!  (with cream cheese icing.  {decadent}
  • Breakfast in bed (along with Phineus and Ferb if you ask the little one)
  • I get to see my parents soon!!!!  I miss them so much and I am really looking forward to the visit!!
  • Late night chats with my sister Kendra. ...she doesn't talk on the phone much so it's always a treat when she decides to spare a minute or two. <3
  • Spending the last week of summer before school starts soaking up my girls.  I can't believe they will be starting school next week!

Be sure to find your way to my {Awesome} photog friends' blogs to see what they have to share with you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

End of Summer Mini Sessions! - Omaha Professional Photographer

I'm very excited to announce the End of Summer Mini Session dates! :)  *happy dance*

This time I decided to approach the mini-session a little differently and offer two weekends for you to choose from when scheduling your mini session.  I understand how back to school, last minute vacations and winding up the end of summer can be a tad crazy so after listening to your feedback I decided to offer two different weekends for your convenience! 

Come on, what are you waiting for?!  Take 20 minutes out of your end of summer schedule to relax and have a great time getting some beautiful photographs to share with friends and family!  This limited edition mini session is a fabulous offer with huge savings so be sure to contact me soon  at 402.306.1738 or email me here  (click the CONTACT tab) so you can guarantee the time slot you pick on the date of your choice!

The fine print:
  • You may choose to purchase back to back minis. This is recommended for those of you whom have three or more children being photographed during your mini session - The 20 minute mini is being offered for $150 (value of $310).  Purchasing two in a row minis will require an investment of $280 (valued at $620).  Back to back or two in a row minis are sold to individuals or individual families other words no sharing costs with your best friend's family to take advantage of the extra discounts.
  • up to 4 models are included in your session, additional models will be $20 per individual.
  • 6-8 images will be presented in a password protected online viewing gallery for 5 days.
  • A la carte items and collections will be available for purchase.
  • No minimum purchase order is required.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the sessions will be rescheduled on a planned rain date or scheduled the same date/time for the studio.  Please confirm your availability for both your scheduled mini session time/date and back up time/date when you call to book your session.  If you have questions regarding the weather please call 402.306.1738. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Omaha Professional Children's Photographer

Awesome & Awkward Thursday!

definition of awkward: shooting in full manual and then getting distracted by other daughter asking question, realizing the girls are giggling and quickly moving the camera back up into shooting position knowing then and there that you are going to kick yourself for not having it in AF because perhaps the cutest real photo op just been missed because you know the image is going to be blurry.  definition of a mother's love: who cares?  It's a damn cute photo regardless of the OOF situation.  True story.  Also awkward?  Run-on sentences.  ;)

  • The above *blurry* photo.  As a photographer you always strive to put your best work out there for your clients to see.  I knew the moment I decided to try to capture the girls giggling after taking the camera away and holding it down by my hip this was going to be the outcome of that image.  I didn't care.  I did it anyway. I love it. ...even with all its imperfections.   I included it because it makes me smile. It is far from technically correct and that's okay.  Even if it is a little awkward to share out here on my blog. :)
  • The TV randomly turning on (no it wasn't set on a timer or even a channel I watch! and NO I didn't not roll over onto the remote and turn it on, the remote was nowhere near me-it was on the nightstand) super early in the morning and it being a sermon on taking control of your emotions.  It seems God was speaking to me through today's technology. I'm not an out of control kind of person but it seems lately I have been letting other people's actions and choices affect how I am feeling.  I needed to hear it obviously, so thank you Jesus for smacking me in the forehead. 
  • Telling myself I was going to get back into exercising  daily starting August is the 4th and the most exercise I have done would be walking driving to the mailbox.  What is my DEAL?!
  • Being the first person to wish my daddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!  He is the most amazing man and I am blessed to have him as a father.  It is because of him and the role that he played in my life that I was able to find such a fabulous husband...who makes quite a fantastic daddy to our girls. :)  I love you, daddy! xoxo
  • Our BFFs--  Michelle and Daphne are so much fun!  Yesterday Daphne brought over a shirt for Lela so they could have matching BFF shirts- how cute is that?!?!  To our dismay they didn't have the shirt in our size. :) haha! 
  • Steve is coming home today! :D  I am so excited to have him back in Omaha after his Gatlinburg trip.  I am also very thankful that everybody had a safe and enjoyable time.  If you have the inclination- please say a prayer Steve, Joe and Lonnie find their way home safely today. :)
  • Becca had a great time competing in the D1 meets this past weekend!  She did a fabulous job.  I am so proud of her hard work and commitment to the sport. :)

Remember to check out my awesome Photog friends' blogs to see what they have to share for this week!

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