Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Omaha Professional Children's Photographer

Awesome & Awkward Thursday!

definition of awkward: shooting in full manual and then getting distracted by other daughter asking question, realizing the girls are giggling and quickly moving the camera back up into shooting position knowing then and there that you are going to kick yourself for not having it in AF because perhaps the cutest real photo op just been missed because you know the image is going to be blurry.  definition of a mother's love: who cares?  It's a damn cute photo regardless of the OOF situation.  True story.  Also awkward?  Run-on sentences.  ;)

  • The above *blurry* photo.  As a photographer you always strive to put your best work out there for your clients to see.  I knew the moment I decided to try to capture the girls giggling after taking the camera away and holding it down by my hip this was going to be the outcome of that image.  I didn't care.  I did it anyway. I love it. ...even with all its imperfections.   I included it because it makes me smile. It is far from technically correct and that's okay.  Even if it is a little awkward to share out here on my blog. :)
  • The TV randomly turning on (no it wasn't set on a timer or even a channel I watch! and NO I didn't not roll over onto the remote and turn it on, the remote was nowhere near me-it was on the nightstand) super early in the morning and it being a sermon on taking control of your emotions.  It seems God was speaking to me through today's technology. I'm not an out of control kind of person but it seems lately I have been letting other people's actions and choices affect how I am feeling.  I needed to hear it obviously, so thank you Jesus for smacking me in the forehead. 
  • Telling myself I was going to get back into exercising  daily starting August is the 4th and the most exercise I have done would be walking driving to the mailbox.  What is my DEAL?!
  • Being the first person to wish my daddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!  He is the most amazing man and I am blessed to have him as a father.  It is because of him and the role that he played in my life that I was able to find such a fabulous husband...who makes quite a fantastic daddy to our girls. :)  I love you, daddy! xoxo
  • Our BFFs--  Michelle and Daphne are so much fun!  Yesterday Daphne brought over a shirt for Lela so they could have matching BFF shirts- how cute is that?!?!  To our dismay they didn't have the shirt in our size. :) haha! 
  • Steve is coming home today! :D  I am so excited to have him back in Omaha after his Gatlinburg trip.  I am also very thankful that everybody had a safe and enjoyable time.  If you have the inclination- please say a prayer Steve, Joe and Lonnie find their way home safely today. :)
  • Becca had a great time competing in the D1 meets this past weekend!  She did a fabulous job.  I am so proud of her hard work and commitment to the sport. :)

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