Thursday, September 30, 2010

Color or Black & White? { Omaha, NE Professional Photographer }

Awhile back you may remember this post.  I asked you, my readers, which image was and white or color?  I'm revisting that today.  What say you?  I tend to lean towards the black and white images when it comes to portraits, especially headshots.  For me, I fee they are more classy and the eye does not stray from the subject or roam around the image as much.  I can appreciate color. I just love black and white. 

Today's image is a photo of Lynette taken on my front porch this past Sunday.  She was a big help as my assistant on the fun urban sessions I did downtown in the Omaha Old Market.  Those images will be shared in a later blogpost.  For now, which do you prefer?  The black and white portrait (my fave) or does the color one do it for you?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm a Winner { Omaha Professional Photographer }

I'm super excited and just have to share with you out here on the blog......

I entered a contest on another photographer's blog....and WON! Paige B Photography was giving away one copy of the book, Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters' Guide to Shooting from the Heart .  Paige is a regular contributor on and a part of the newly released book.  She had two copies and decided to give one away on her blog. (Thank you, Paige!) She asked her readers to leave a comment on her post about the book giveaway describing one thing we liked about fall and then randomly picked a winner by using .  I got lucky and I have to tell you, I am a happy camper.  I cannot wait to receive my copy. *doing happy dance*  Thanks again, Paige! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Black and White Portraiture { Omaha Professional Photographer }

I just had to share one more image of Becca before Creighton Prep's Homecoming.  I really love it.  You can view the first one I shared on the blog by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On-Location in Omaha, Nebraska { Omaha Professional Photographer }

A couple weeks ago I had a contest on my Facebook page and Trish happened to be one of the winners!  We were both excited.  Trish and I had the opportunity to take a class together awhile back and the quarter was spent filled with lots of laughter (Trish's laugh is infectious) and breaking the hard fast rule "No horsing around in the darkroom". I seemed to have been a target because I scare easily.  Although, I must say when there is an image of a scary dude holding a chainsaw hung above the processor it does tend to help the imagination run a little wild. ;)  In all fairness I should mention Trish wasn't the only culprit; she had several people willing to help.  One of them, Lynette Regier , is a good friend of mine and accompanies me on most my shoots, toting the reflector, scouting locations within the venue, carrying equipment and is my second pair of eyes.  Needless to say, we had a ball on this shoot. :)

I loved these trails within the wooded area!  Although, I probably wouldn't have stepped foot on them by myself ( I spend too much time watching Criminal Minds ).  Trish and I gave Lynette a hard time by suggesting we'd leave her with bread crumbs while she was scouting the area.  She didn't see the humor in it.

Of course, we had to end the session near the water and rocks. It was so pretty.  Trish especially wanted a photograph of her by the waterfall but I'll be saving it for her on-line gallery.  I don't want to give away of the yummy photo goodness at once!

I just couldn't end this post without including a photograph of Lynette.  We goofed around on this shoot just as much as we did in class.  It was great hanging out again.  Thank you for such a fun shoot, Trish!  I almost forgot!  You can view the color version of Trish's portraits by clicking here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photographing Twins is Always Fun { Omaha Professional Photographer }

Yesterday I had a fabulous session with two adorable twins!  We had a great time.  These images were captured in my studio using available natural light.  You can view the color versions here

(D) looked so darn pretty in her black and white flowered top.  She had a super cute pair of jeans on- all blinged out in diamond rhinestones.  She is quite the fashionista.

(A) is the sweetest boy.  He has the most gorgeous eyelashes ever and a very catching smile.  He was super comfortable in front of the camera, too!

How cute are these two?  Just look at those smiles!  Thanks, (D) & (A)...and thank you, (M).  I had a ball photographing your children.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Big Night for Freshman {Omaha Professional Photographer}

Creighton Prep hosted their homecoming for Freshman last night.  Here is one of my favorite captures from the beginning of the evening.  Of course, as a mom and a photographer I had my camera out. ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn Mini-Sessions Have Arrived! { Omaha Professional Photographer }

Woooohooo!  That's right.  Fall mini-sessions are here!  It's a great time to have those photos that you've been wanting to have taken done and take advantage of a sweet deal at the same time! 

What is this mini-session I'm so excited about today?  Well, this mini-session consists of a 20 minute sitting with a discounted session fee, 4 different poses presented in your own personal password protected gallery (that you can share with family and friends if you choose to) AND a complimentary 8x10 print of your choice!  This session will be on-location outdoors on Saturday, October 2, 2010.  There will be a limited amount of spots available so email me today by clicking here, entering the site and then clicking on the Contact section in the bottom tool bar.  Or leave me a message on my Facebook fanpage by clicking here.

You'll also have the option of ordering Custom Holiday Cards with envelopes that will showcase an image of your choice from your mini-session.  These custom cards are 5x7 in size and are available in increments of 25.  Holiday cards are being offered at $65.00 a box.

Make sure you save Saturday, October 2, 2010,  so you can enjoy a custom mini-portrait session. :)

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