Friday, November 26, 2010

'Tis the Season to be Giving - Omaha Professional Photographer

This Christmas season I need your help.  I need just a bit of your time.  I know we all have a tremendous amount of busy-ness in our lives... especially around this time of year and so you may think I have quite a bit of moxy asking for help, for asking for a bit of your time, but I cannot do this alone.

This Christmas season I want to partner with you and help bring a bit of Christmas spirit, a giving spirit, to somebody who might need our help. 

You know somebody who over this past year has experienced some sort of life-changing circumstance, a loss, a tragedy.  Somebody who is trying to stay afloat while working more than one job, a single parent struggling to raise a family or maybe it is somebody who gives back so much for the community that they forget to do for themselves.  You know somebody who cannot afford custom photography and who deserves to have beautiful photographs of their family as a cherished keepsake.

So, I am asking you to take a moment to tell me who that person is so that they can receive complimentary custom portrait photography this Christmas Season.  I want to share with that person $500 of custom portrait work...prints, canvases, albums, memory books or a slideshow.  And they'll have you to thank for it.  Just think.  All it took was a bit of your time to bring a smile to that someone's face and to give them a priceless gift - artwork they will cherish forever.

I almost forgot.  You, because you are generous and caring, can be a winner. First, there are guaranteed warm fuzzies for giving so freely of your time but the best part is if your nominee is picked then you will win custom portrait photography yourself....a $200 print credit!

There are a few rules.

1.  You *cannot* nominate yourself.  The person or family you nominate must be incapable of purchasing custom portrait photography themselves.  (Being unable to afford to fly their private jet to their winter home in the Galapagos Islands because they are having problems making their 3 million dollar mortage payment on their house here does not qualify them as a sincere recipient/nominee.)

2.  The nominee must live in Omaha, Bellevue, Elkhorn, Bennington, Papillion, Gretna or Millard, Nebraska.

3.  You have to take the time to email me their full story. Please include in your email, who they are, what they are experiencing, why they deserve my custom portrait artwork and why you would like to see them win.  Please be sure to include contact information for both yourself and the person/family you are nominating.

4.  The nomination deadline is December 18th and the winner will be announced December 23rd!  So get to nominating the person/family you want to see win!  I cannot wait to work together on this project and bring a smile to somebody this Christmas Season...I have the warm fuzzies already, how about you?

With love and a giving heart,

E.Vining Photography

**This giveaway was totally inspired by Giving Is Awesome.  After I contacted the founder and was informed it wasn't officially happening again this year I was really moved to go ahead and do a giveaway myself this year.**

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge/Paper -Painting on Canvas, Omaha Professional Photographer

I decided to try something fun. I took the plunge and I am entering a photo contest at I Heart Faces.  It's my first entry on their blog.  It's a pretty fun website for photographers of all levels and they actually host a photo contest every week.  This week the theme is Paper. I immediately thought of one of my favorite albums of my girls sitting at the kitchen table creating art together.  They are painting on canvas paper...two of Lela's favorite things to do..spending time with her big sis and painting.  Here it is:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Omaha Professional Photographer

I admit.  I've been missing in action recently.  It feels good to be back. 

I'm completely behind on blogging and I keep seeing these "Wordless Wednesday" blogs popping up from different photographers and I thought..why not?  I'll give it a try.  So, even though I've rolled out my first wordless Wednesday with...well words.... I promise not to next Wednesday. ;)  Enjoy :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

The De Rozairo Family - Omaha Professional Photographer

I was so happy this Saturday when I woke up and the weatherman's forecast from the week before- and every night since then- rang true!  The sun was shining and the temperature, although a bit cool, was relatively mild for so late into the fall.  The Saturday before this, the De Rozairo family and I had planned a family session but between the overcast skies, the racing wind (truly, I felt like I was starring in The Wizard of Oz), chilly temps and drizzles we had to reschedule.  I've been crossing my fingers ever since.   I have really been looking forward to photographing this family.  We've been talking about it for awhile and so I was excited to wake up Saturday to see that it was going to work out.  Here's just a few of the images from our time together.  What a gorgeous looking family!

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